Our Partners

Our Partners

Anyone who knows grief also knows the excessive demands that quickly outweigh the pain and emotional shock of losing a loved one. Losing a loved one is not easy and no one can claim to be prepared for it.

Although RPNG is the community solidarity network that accompanies us both morally and financially in the management of the death and this in respect of the last wishes of our deceased:

  1. Repatriation to the international airport of the chosen country,
  2. Burial on site.

Our funeral partners will be the right place to take (relieve) us not only from the burden of time-consuming and exhausting administrative procedures and formalities, but also from the demands of the funeral. And so, they will allow us to focus on the essentials: managing the shock, the pain suffered by the loss of our loved ones.

To avoid long trips during the organization of the funerals of our loved ones, RPNG has for the moment surrounded itself with three (3) funeral partners covering the whole of Germany and well beyond the German borders.

Our three (3) funeral partners are domiciled at:

  1. Stuttgart in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg,
  2. Voerde in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen,
  3. Berlin dans l’état de Berlin.

These funeral professionals will work with heart and spirit, skill and reliability to guarantee our loved ones a dignified funeral.

As part of their mission, our funeral partners will ask you the most essential questions to allow you to say goodbye to your loved ones according to your wishes. They will listen to the wishes and needs of the beneficiaries and/or the deceased, if they were expressed during his lifetime, and will organize the funeral.

Alongside the standard services offered by our funeral partners:

  1. Pick up of the deceased at the place of death,
  2. Administrative procedures and formalities,
  3. Hygienic care, dressing, incrustation and embalming (treatment according to your religious rites -Christians, Muslims- or your habits and customs),
  4. Burial on site or transfer to one of the German airports for repatriation,
  5. etc.

RPNG has negotiated the following additional services:

  1. A free funeral service of a maximum of three (3) hours,
  2. A room with at least 70 seats and parking for the funeral service,
  3. A Wi-Fi connection for real-time broadcasting of the funeral service via internet for those who will not be able to make the trip,
  4. etc.

On the psychological level, the RPNG network will make available the listing of the specialized structures at its disposal such as:

  1. The diaconia
  2. The evangelic church
  3. Caritas
  4. Malteser
  5.  ipso-care
  6.  etc.